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About me 

In this section you will find out more about me, and my journey. Enjoy !


Mohamed Al Serkal

This is Eduard

"When I decided to take my passion seriously, I found a new happiness in my life"

Eduard is owned by Academy Bartels. He is known as the gentleman of the club, I have learned so much from him. I leased Eduard from Dec 2019-Dec 2020

The Start of Something New

From the age of 9, Mohamed knew that he wanted to commit himself to sports and being around animals, Mohamed trained as a Show jumper first, as this was the only discipline advertised to him but he never felt connected to this discipline, then when Mohamed turned 14 a trainer once told him due to Mohamed’s ability to connect with horses strongly, to start dressage, although this was completely foreign to him, he wanted to try it

That same year he went to a local show and won the special Jury prize for children. Mohamed caught the Dressage bug and wanted to understand it even more, but the discipline was not popular and were lacking enough experience trainers as well as competitions for Mohamed to practice. 

By the age of 18 Mohamed started his University and put Riding on the back seat, while he focussed on his studies and then work. Mohamed took a break of 8 years to build a career, he worked for La Biennale Di Venezia (Exhibition Assistant) as part of the Sheikha Salama Foundation internship program, where he lived in Venice, Italy from May 2013-July 2013.

As well as briefly worked for FIFA World Cup (U-17) from Aug 2013 – Dec 2013. He is also the first Emirati Author who published a fiction novelette titled “Shallow”, which tackles the complications of Multiple Personality Disorder, Autism and Schizophrenia in Children. The book is being sold online (on Apple, Nook books, Goodreads, Amazon and many more) and through major publications. He is currently working at the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) part of the business development department.

But by the age of 26 Mohamed felt that his life was missing the joy, and happiness that Dressage used to give him. He decided to come back to the sport in July of 2016 and had a goal, to be the first Emirati rider to compete in Dressage at major International venues around the world.

He also understand what Dressage gave him and wanted to share this with the youth and encourage them to feel what he felt, and take time to understand Dressage more.

Commitment, Dedication and Hard work

Mohamed's commitment to return to Dressage was to learn from the best, to be the best. In order to understand how to reach people, Mohamed started interacting with major Grand Prix riders from Europe and one specific rider told him to try with Academy Bartels. Academy Bartels is an Olympic training stable by Olympians - Tineke Bartels and Imke Schellekens-Bartels.

The Academy hosts many specific training weeks, for multiple chosen applicants on a yearly basis. They also help curate different training programs for individuals to achieve their personal goals. Mohamed currently also trains on his mare Eroza with Albert Van Schie. Albert has trained at the prestigious Warenhorf and Wickrath centers in Germany and has competed to international light tour level. He has helped with top stallions including Rousseau, Rodium and Special D. In Addition to the above, Starting from summer 2020 Mohamed has started to train with Joyce Van Opbergen of Uphill Stables upon his  stallion Don Manhattan. Joyce is a level 4 instructor, as well as two time Holland outdoor and indoor champion in ZZ heavy and Medium. Joyce is ranked top 10 riders around Holland. 


Mohamed set his eyes for the Asian games 2022 in China, the European circuit in small tour and eventually big tour 2023-2025, The World Equestrian Games 2026, and finally to represent the UAE in the Olympics 2028 in Los Angeles.



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